Vite Colte - Barolo 2015 DOCG

Vite Colte

Barolo 2015 DOCG

Piemonte, Italia

This nectar is a 100% Nebbiolo. After the fermentation, the divine juice sleeps 24 months in oak casks. Salute!


The wine has a ruby color. The intensity is medium.


The aroma intensity is medium plus. The aromatic palette starts with a perfume of violet, followed by hints of crunchy red fruits and a sharp note of pepper. The secondary aromas remember the charred wood, cloves, smoke and toast. The tertiaries include earth, game, meaty and a light hint of tobacco.


In the mouth, the wine is dry with high level of acidity. The tannins are medium plus. The alcohol is medium (i.e. 13.5 %), and it gives a pleasant heatwave. On the palate, a bitter note of charred wood dominates the aromatic palette, followed by hints of cloves and bitter sour cherry. The perfume of dried flowers donates a touch of elegance. Both flavor intensity and lasting are medium plus.


An honest Barolo with a classical aromatic bouquet. All the perfumes are well combined, but I would have liked to find more deepness and evolution. Not too bad for an undemanding dinner, absolutely unfit for boosting your joy of living.

Final vote: 89

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