Vinicola Savese Pichierri - Tradizione del Nonno

Vinicola Savese Pichierri

Tradizione del Nonno – Primitivo di Manduria DOC

Puglia, Italia

This wine is a 100% Primitivo. The grapes are handpicked at the end of September and pressed with traditional methods. The divine juice is stored in underground, glazed containers, where maturation is obtained at a controlled temperature of 24/26°C. When fermentation is over it starts to mellow in glazed underground containers where it remains at a constant temperature throughout the year. For a small portion ageing is completed in oak barrels of 225 liters and in terracotta jars called “Capasoni”. Salute!


The wine has an austere ruby color with garnet hues. The intensity is garnet to medium.


The aroma intensity is pronounced. Hints of baked fruits, molasses, cooked prune, fig and withered roses immediately come out. A couple of swirls of the glass, and the nostrils capture other tertiary notes as earth, mushroom, tobacco and forest floor.


In the mouth, the wine is dry with medium level of acidity. The tannins are pure velvet (medium). The alcohol is high (i.e. 16 %), but fully tamed. On the palate, the intensity is pronounced. We find the same flavors already detected at the nose, plus some hints of caramel, cloves and vanilla. The lasting is medium plus.


If you are brave enough to buy a bottle with such awful label and name, you will be rewarded by a surprising nectar. I would say something quite unique. Despite it is a 2016, this Primitivo seems much older. Probably due to its particular aging process in terracotta jars called “Capasoni”. The aromatic palette is a kaleidoscope of cooked fruits and tertiary aromas as earth, mushroom, forest floor, tobacco, cooked prune and withered roses. My parents enjoyed it as it remembers them the home made wines back in the days, my brother and his wife had just a sip before uncorking a different bottle.

If you like lively and vibrant wines, this is not for you. If instead you are a curious drinker, then you should give it a try, even though the risk of disappointment is quite high.

Final vote: 93

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