Vinicola Savese Pichierri - Ajanoa 2015

Vinicola Savese Pichierri

Ajanoa 2015 – Primitivo di Manduria DOP

Puglia, Italia

This wine is a 100% Primitivo. The grapes are handpicked at the end of September and pressed with traditional methods. The divine juice is stored in buried glazed containers. the process of refining in containers of Terracotta called "Capasoni" for about 10 months. Salute.


The wine has an austere ruby color with garnet hues. The intensity is medium.


The aroma intensity is medium plus. Hints of blackcurrant, bramble and black pepper immediately come out. A couple of swirls of the glass, and the aroma intensity increases, revealing notes of fine jam and vanilla. The tertiaries remember dry blackcurrant and meat.


In the mouth, the wine is dry with medium plus level of acidity. The tannins are pure velvet (medium). The alcohol is high (i.e. 15 %), but fully tamed. On the palate, the intensity is pronounced. The aromatic palette is wider, including hints of sour cherry, blackcurrant, fig, plum, raisin, and spices. There are also notes remembering the Mediterranean bush, the terracotta and the charred wood.


This nectar is a Primitivo quite different from those ones you have tasted so far. It is produced as we were used to do here in Puglia not so long ago, it means no barrique but just Capasoni (terracotta jars). Luckily in this case, the result is much better than what my grandparents were able to achieve. The aromatic bouquet is a triumph blackcurrant, fig, plum and a bitter sour cherry. The richness of the fruits is balanced by notes of spices, charred wood (even though no wood has been used for refining the wine) and scents remembering the Mediterranean bush and the terracotta. The wine is weird, nothing to do with what we normally find on the shelves, but I like it. It has intensity, complexity, it is vibrant at the nose and on the palate.

Final vote: 92

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