Vedernikov Winery - Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Vedernikov Winery

Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Konstantinovsky, Russia

This nectar is a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, from vineyards located in the Don River valley. After the fermentation, the divine juice sleeps for 12 month in French oak barrels. Za zdarovye!


In the glass the wine has an impenetrable and brilliant ruby colour. The intensity is deep.


The aromas intensity is medium plus, with flavours of blackberry, ripe black cherry and a hint of black plum. There are also rich aromas of sultana, raisin, jamminess and baked fruits. The notes of black pepper and blackcurrant leaf make the aromatic palette less obvious. As secondaries, there are the vanilla and an elegant cedar. The fig, prune, a hint of tar, forest floor and wet leaves are the predominant tertiaries.


In the mouth, the wine is dry with a medium plus level of acidity and high tannins. The alcohol is high (i.e. 14.5%) but it doesn’t burn at all. The flavour intensity is pronounced. Initially, notes of tobacco, toast and smoke will surprise the tasting buds. The fruits remember that ones preserved in alcohol. There are also fragrances of charred woods, coffee, dark chocolate and a touch of liquorice. I like the astringent power of its tannins, even if they are silky. The lasting is long.


Finally uncorked this bottle showing off medals as only Brezhnev was used to do. The nectar is much better at the palate than at the nose. The aromatic bouquet is very diversified, spreading from the black fruits to the tobacco and charred wood. It is the perfect wine to toast to the rebirth of CCCP.

Final vote: 92

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