Sikory - Pinot Noir 2017


Pinot Noir 2017

Kuban, Russia

Just coming back from Saint Petersburg and I already miss it. What better excuse to uncork one of the seven bottles I’ve brought from there?!?! This is a Pinot Noir from Kuban located in southern Russia on the Black Sea, between the Don Stepp, the Volga Delta and the Caucasus. It is a 100% Pinot Noir that has partially slept in French oak. Vashe zrodovye!


In the glass the wine has a lively ruby colour. The intensity is medium to pale.. It is clear with no traces of deposits.


The aromas intensity is medium plus. This time I do an exception to the rule. I start from the secondary aromas. Even without swirling the glass, your nostrils will be witched by a pleasant but sharp fragrance of cloves. No, you don’t need to think or imagine it; it is proper cloves! Then other aromas will come out: the female perfume of rose and iris, fresh red currant, sour cherry and a vibrant note of green bell pepper. The aromatic palette surprised me; I did not expect such range of fragrances. As secondaries, we have a light vanilla, cloves, an elegant cedar, and then warm notes of toast, charred woods and smoke. Despite is just a 2017,the tertiaries are already quite developed. There are hints of prune, dried cranberry, cooked red plum. But also more virile notes of meaty, a touch of farmyard, vegetal, wet leaves and earth.


The nose is so charming that I don’t resist drinking it. The nectar is dry, with a high level of acidity. The alcohol is high (14%) and it gives a pleasant heat wave. Despite the flavour intensity is medium place, on the palate, the wine is less teasing than at the nose. The red fruits, sniffed at the nose, are now more ripe and succulent. There are still notes of vanilla and smoke, but also coffee and a light dark chocolate. As tertiaries, we have earth and mushroom.


I haven’t got high expectations, probably because the guy at the shop did not pitch this bottle really well. Socialist honesty?!?! I really like it. The nose is very interesting and charming, the palate less so. But the wine is perfectly balanced; it has intensity and lasting in the mouth. It has also a good level of complexity that make it a perfect value for money. Not sure many Burgundy will give us such sensation, without seeing our wallet cries.

Final vote: 91

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