Polvanera - Polvanera 17 2014 DOC

Updated: Apr 4


Povanera 17 2014 DOC

Puglia, Italy

This nectar is 100% Primitivo from 70 years old vineyards located in Montevella and Acquaviva delle Fonti (central part of Puglia). The grapes are manually harvested in boxes during the first/second week of September. They macerated for four weeks and fermented for other four weeks in stainless steel tanks at 25°C. After this step, the divine juice rested for 24 months in stainless steel tanks and further 12 months in bottle. Yes, no oak needed here. Salute!


In the glass the wine has a purple colour with ruby tints. The intensity is impenetrably deep. If a drop fell on the embroidered tablecloth, my mum would kill me. It is clear with no traces of deposits.


The aromas intensity is pronounced. The nostrils are bewitched by a succulent cornucopia of black fruits, especially blackcurrant and plums. The aromatic palette is quite vibrant thanks to balsamic notes, a touch of liquorice, black pepper and blackcurrant leaf. After a couple of swirlings, a delicate fragrance of rose comes out. As tertiaries, there are brawny notes of dark chocolate, tobacco, and earth, but also rich aromas of ripe fig, prune and dried fruits.


In the mouth, the wine is dry with a medium plus level of acidity and medium tannins, perfectly rounded and silky. The alcohol is high, but you will struggle to believe that is actually so ridiculously high, i.e. 16.5% abv. It does not burn at all. The flavour intensity is pronounced. At the palate, the fruits are riper, with yummy flavours of sultana, raisin and jaminess. But all this opulence is never boring, but perfectly balanced by more austere tertiaries and herbal notes. The lasting is eternal.


This Primitivo ticks all the boxes. It is balanced despite its muscles and luscious black fruits, it has length, it has intensity and it is quite complex. Probably even more import, this nectar is the proof that is it possible to have beautiful wines also without using the oak! The sun over there is enough to make the grapes so generous.

I love to drink this Primitivo towards the end of the meal, when the political debate is already quite fiery and its opulence reminds us that eventually the life is not too bad, and the peace in the world can wait!

Final vote: 93

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