Pol Roger - Réserve (in magnum)

Pol Roger

Réserve (in magnum)

Ay, France

Wine Making Techniques

This nectar is a blend of 33.3% Pinot Noir from Montagne de Reims, 33.3 Chardonnay from Côte des Blancs, 33.3% Pinot Meunier from Vallée de la Marne and from the Epernay area. 25% reserve wines are used to produce this cuvée. Once harvested, the grapes are immediately and delicately pressed. The must undergoes a first débourbage (settling) at the press house and a second in Pol Roger’s winery, à froid (at 6°C) over a 24 hour period. The alcoholic fermentation takes place at a low temperature (18°C) in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats, with each variety and the production of each village kept separate until final blending. All the wines go through a malolactic fermentation. After tasting, blending and bottling, the secondary fermentation (prise de mousse) and maturing take place in the cool atmosphere of the maison cellars located 33 metres below street level. Each bottle is given a traditional remuage (hand riddling) before disgorging and dosage, and the wines rest for a minimum of three months before being released. So overall, each bottle ages for at least 4 years. Santé!


In the glass the wine has a beautiful yellow lemon color. The intensity is pale. The pèrlage is very fine and persistent. At the nose, the flavor intensity is medium plus, with hints of lemon peel and citrus, combined with a succulent pear and tropical fruits. Notes of chalk and wet stone give a vibrant minerality. The secondary aromas include the vanilla, bread crust, brioche, but also the butter and a light cream. The tertiaries remember mostly the toasted almond and dried apricot.

In the mouth, the wine is dry with high level of acidity. The intensity is pronounced. The texture is creamy and the flavor lasting is medium plus.


Nothing is certain but death, taxes and Pol Roger. A rich sans année with an intriguing aromatic bouquet including tropical fruits, spices, hints of bread crust, light cream, toasted almond and dried apricot.

Final vote: 92

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