Paololeo - Primitivo Riserva Giunonico 2014


Primitivo Riserva Giunonico 2014

Puglia, Italia

This nectar is a 100% Primitivo from 70 years old vines planted in a sandy soil in the rural area of Sava. The grapes are manually harvested using small baskets is carried out in the early hours of dawn to avoid the high temperatures of the summer. Then the destemmed and crushed grapes follow a maceration on the skins that last 12-15 days, to improve extraction of aromatic and tannic components; follows fermentation at 25 °C for 8-10 days. After this process, the divine juice ages 20 months in 5000 liters oak casks, 4 months in stainless steel vessels and 3 months in bottle. Salute!


The wine has a ruby color with garnet hues along the rim. The intensity is deep.


The aroma intensity is pronounced. The nostrils are bewitched by rich fragrances of ripe blackberry and black cherry, followed by hints of local black figs. The primary aromas include also spices and floral perfume of iris. The secondaries remember an opulent vanilla, cloves, and light notes of charred wood and toast. The long aging has developed tertiaries as leather, dry fruits, and earth.


In the mouth, the wine is dry with medium level of acidity and tannins. The alcohol is high (i.e. 15 %), but well tamed. On the palate, the wine is an explosion of ripe black fruits, jam and spices, including vanilla, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper. The secondary note of charred wood and smoke helps to dampen a bit the arrogance of the fruits. The intensity is pronounced and the lasting long.


An opulent Primitivo Riserva coming from 70 years old vines. The nectar is a triumph of black fruits characterized by a pronounced intensity and endless lasting. Despite the richness of the fruits, the wine is not boring at all, thanks to the hints of charred wood, smoke and spices. Pure hedonism drunk by its own, perfect to wash down a generous portion of homemade pappardelle , absolutely necessary to placate a Sunday lunch political debate.

Final vote: 93

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