Masseria Campito - Asprinio di Aversa, Priezza

Masseria Campito

Asprinio di Aversa - Priezza

Campania, Italia

Wine Making Techniques

This nectar is 100% Asprinio. The grapes are hand harvested. It is produced using the Metodo Classico, i.e. the second fermentation takes place in the bottle. Salute!


In the glass the wine has a lemon color. The intensity is pale. The pèrlage is persistent but not extremely fine. At the nose, the flavor intensity is medium plus, with scents of acacia, melon, lemon, white pepper and litchis.

In the mouth, the wine is dry with high level of acidity. The intensity is medium with again aromas of citrus, melon, and acacia. There is also a bitter hint of rocket and a sharp note of flint. The texture is creamy but the bubbles push. The flavor lasting is medium.


My first Asprinio Metodo Classico. The nose reveals scents of acacia, hints of melon, lemon, white pepper and litchis; while at the palate a bitter note of rocket and sharp minerality come out. It is a pleasant wine, but by far to be exciting. I cannot taste any of the secondary aromas characterizing a Metodo Classico. I see it as alternative to a refreshing cedrata or Prosecco...nothing more.

Final vote: 86

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