Louis Roederer - Vintage 2008

Updated: Jan 5

Louis Roederer

Vintage 2008

Reims, France


I bought this bottle almost three years ago in a small wine shop in London. Now, after having uncorked dozens of 2008 from other producers, I want to open this gem.

Wine making techniques

It is a blend of 70% Pinot Noir (from Verzy and Verzenay) and 30% Chardonnay (from Chouilly). The divine juice ages on the lees for 4 years, and other 6 months in the bottle after the disgorgement. 40% of the wine ferment in the oak and 20% undergo malolactic fermentation. Santé!


You cannot stop yourself to look at this beautiful nectar whispers in the glass. The gold colour is shining and intense; the perlage is fine and persistent as it is only in the great champagnes. At the nose, this vintage is as whirl of fresh citrus, orange blossom, peach and a ripe pear. A sharp note of wet stones and flint makes the aromatic palette even more vibrant. A second breathe reveals more complex flavours of toasted nuts, a fragrant brioche and a delicate cream. I cannot resist anymore; I take a sip… Leave me alone! now I am in peace with the world… Another sip… On the palate, the nectar is opulent and dense. The mousse is so silky. The aromatic bouquet is the same one that has already thrilled our nostrils, but more concentrated. The finish is long.


Another splendid example of 2008. This one is probably my favourite one across the board (excluding the cuvees de prestige). It is elegant and beautiful at our eyes, complex at the nose, voluptuous on the palate, sinful at the hearing, and not too sticky at the touch (my one year old niece threw some on my hand during the toast). This nectar has only one big drawback: it is not easy to find. If you do, just buy it. Not to be cynic, but drinking this Roederer is quite likely the best thing that will happen to you in the next months. A final tip: enjoy it by its own and be careful, the bottle finishes soon!!!

Final Vote: 96

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