Louis Roederer - Cristal 2008

Louis Roederer

Cristal 2008

Reims, France


I had quite high expectations on this nectar. Many wine critics (more famous and competent

than myself) assigned stratospheric grades to this nectar. I bought a bottle a year ago, stored it in my cellar, and now I decide finally to uncork it. Few days ago, I tasted the Louis Roederer Vintage 2008: sublime! So the expectations are now even higher. Santé!

Wine making techniques

This nectar is a blend of Pinot Noir (60%) and Chardonnay (40%). 20% of the wine is vinified in oak casks and 20% of it undergoes the malolactic fermentation. The latter technique is not common for Cristal. It has been used only four times in the history. The divine nectar has aged 10 year in the bottle of which eight/nine on the lees. The dosage is 8g/l. The vintage 2008 has been released on the market later than the 2009 one. Santé!


The bottle of Cristal is so beautiful, pure elegance. It looks like a precious casket. You feel richer than you actually are just looking at it. In the glass, the nectar has a thrilling gold hue of medium intensity. The bollicina is thin and extraordinary lively. It seems dancing into the glass. At the nose, it is a cornucopia of fragrances. At the beginning, perfumes of blossom, acacia, chamomile, a hint of jasmine, orange and lemon zest. It’s amazing! Another sniff, the nostrils are bewitched by succulent fragrances of nectarine and pear. The aromatic bouquet is endless. There are hints of brioche and toasted almonds perfectly balanced by the sharpness of the wet stones and flint notes. It is moment to have a sip. It takes less than a second to realize that we are drinking a masterpiece. The texture is astonishing; the nectar is so creamy on the palate! There is the same sensation of extreme purity and minerality also found in the Dom Pérignon 2008, but unlike the other, this nectar has an incredible aromatic intensity. Fabulous!


Is there something else to say? I think I have already abused of superlatives to describe this champagne. It inflames me as probably only the Dom Pérignon 1996 was able to do. I need absolutely to buy it again and forget it in the cellar. It is already excellent now achieving the perfection; I cannot imagine what it could be, ageing even more!

Caveat: Be fast to buy it! Keep in mind the 2012 edition is already out, so it may be tough to find this jewel 2008 in few months time!

Final vote: 100

Price: £195 on waitrose.com or £140 at London City Airport Duty Free

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