Livio Felluga - Sharis 2018

Updated: May 2

Livio Felluga

Sharis 2018

Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italia

It is a blend of Chardonnay and the local Ribolla Gialla. As described by the producer, the grapes are carefully destemmed and left to macerate for a short period. Next, the fruit is soft crushed. The must obtained is then allowed to settle. Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. Salute!


In the glass the wine has gold colour. The intensity is medium. It is clear with no traces of deposits.


The aromas intensity is medium plus. After swirling, elegant perfumes of acacia, citrus blossom, and jasmine come out, followed by fruity hints of peach, melon, and pear drop. Such sweetness is perfectly balance by scent of green apple, lemon and mineral notes of flint. The secondary aroma, developed during the six months on the lees, remember the brioche and bread dough. There are also notes of cream and butter that make me think the wine has done the malolactic fermentation as well.


In the mouth, the wine is dry with a medium high level of acidity. The alcohol is medium (12.5%). The flavour intensity is medium plus with notes of citrus opening the aromatic palette, before giving the space to the floral and fruity notes already mentioned. Also at the palate, there is a nice and vibrant minerality. The lasting is medium plus.


It is nice wine whose aromatic bouquet is characterized by lively floral and fruity hints, followed by vibrant mineral notes of flint and wet stones. The secondary aromas remember the brioche, bread dough and cream. So overall, it is a pleasant wine, surely lacking a bit of complexity, but still satisfying to wash down a baked sea bass or to be drunk by its one while the fish is cooking.

Final vote: 89

Price: £22.99 at Whole Foods

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