Cantine Due Palme - Selvarossa Terra 2011

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Cantine Due Palme

Selvarossa Terra 2011

Cellino San Marco, Italy

Disclaimer: I am very attached to this producer. Several years ago, it made me fall in love with the world of the wine.

The Selvarossa Terra is a selection of the best vintage of Selvarossa, the flagship wine of Cantine Due Palme. This nectar is a Salice Salentino Riserva DOP, a blend composed by 85% Negroamaro and 15% Malvasia Nera. A part of the harvest is dried slowly in the cellars to concentrate the flavours and structure, and then the Selvarossa Terra is aged in French oak barriques for 12 months before being finished in stainless steel and in bottle. Pure lasciviousness! The only problem with this nectar it is the particular shape of the bottle. It will not fit in your wine rack. Salute!


In the glass the wine has an intense ruby colour, with some garnet reflections.


The aromas intensity is pronounced. The perfume of ripe red cherry is amazing. It makes you close your eyes and breath deeply to drown in such opulence. It is the Puglia in a glass! Swirl it and the fig, prune, sultana, and raisin will hit your nostrils. There are also notes of liquorice, black pepper and dark cocoa. The oak aging gives hints of vanilla, cloves, cedar, smoke and charred wood. The tertiary aromas are sumptuous: a blaze of cooked fruits, tobacco and earth. Pleasantly baroque!


In the mouth, the wine is pure silk. It is dry, high level of acidity, medium plus tannins, high alcohol (15%) but even so, it is delicate and harmonious like a ballerina. On the palate you will find the same aromas enjoyed with the nose, with the ripe red cherry even more succulent and luscious. The flavour intensity is pronounced and the finish is long…eternal. Bare in mind, this it not the “usual” red wine from Southern Italy, full of boring ripe and cooked fruits. There is a tension along the entire drink that makes this nectar charming and vibrant.


This wine is outstanding; it is pure joy. Given the muscles of this nectar, I think it is a wine to be enjoyed by its own while chatting with your best friends or while seated on the sofa you think about your life and not the peace in the world. The concentration of aromas is stunning; probably it will overwhelm any other meal flavours in your mouth. So my advice is: eat well moisturizing your throat with other wines, and then when the company has achieved the right level of guffaw, uncork this jewel.

Final vote: 94

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