GVS Schachenmann - Alte Reben Schaffhausen AOC 2017

GVS Schachenmann

Alte Reben Schaffhausen AOC 2017

Schaffhausen, Switzerland

I bought this bottle at Zürich airport… figuring out too late that I overpaid for it. Salute, Prosit, Santé!


In the glass the wine has a lively ruby colour. The intensity is medium.


The aromas intensity is medium. There is a hint of violet, strawberry and sour cherry. The fruits are quite mature. Feeble notes of black pepper and tomato leaf gives a bit on vivacity. As secondary flavours, there are: vanilla, cloves, toast, cedar and a hint of charred wood. While the tertiaries remember the forest floor and vegetal.


In the mouth, the wine is dry with a high level of acidity. The tannins are medium. The alcohol is 13.5% and gives a nice heat wave. At the palate, there are flavours of preserved fruits, strawberry and prune. The tertiaries are clearer with notes of farmyard, leather and a hint of tar. Unfortunately the alcohol is too present, giving a not really pleasant sensation. The flavour intensity and last are both medium plus.


I am not really enthusiast about this nectar, especially given its price. It has body, intensity and lasting, but I was expecting even more complexity. Instead the wine it sits in the middle: not too fruity for an easy drink and not too charming for a deep musing session. In conclusion, it is useless.

Final vote: 86

Price: c40 CHF at Zurich Airport

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