G.D. Vajra - Langhe Riesling Petracine 2018

G.D. Vajra

Langhe Riesling Petracine 2018

Piemonte, Italia

I love the elegant opulence of Riesling from Mosel, the sharp austerity of Riesling from Alsace, and what about the Italian Riesling? This nectar is a 100% Rhine Riesling from vineyards planted in Piemonte in 1985 and east/south-east exposed at 420-480 m asl. The Riesling harvest takes place in the first half of September and goes on for about two to three weeks. The harvest, as well as the transport in small crates, is manually carried out to preserve the whole fruit. Gentle pressing and a brief cold settling before fermentation that lasted, in 2018, approximately 20 days. The divine juice aged in steel tanks until the spring following the harvest. Salute!


In the glass the wine has a lemon colour with green shades. The intensity is pale. It is clear with no traces of deposits.


The aromas intensity is medium. The nostrils capture a light perfume of nectarine and melon followed by hints of acacia, jasmine and chamomile. The aromatic palette is quite vibrant and sharp thanks to notes of white pepper, flint, wet stone, and citrus. Moreover, there is an underlying scent remembering the wet pine needles.


In the mouth, the wine is dry with a high level of acidity. The intensity is medium plus. The first sip is characterized by a blaze of mineral notes: wet stone, flint, lemon zest, lime juice with hint of mint. The fruit remember the green apple and a not fully ripe melon. Sip after sip, (I swear I am not drunk), the wine flavour is vaguely similar to a gin and tonic with Hendrick's. The lasting is medium plus.


I really like this Riesling. It is a bit austere at the nose, but at the palate it proves all its elegance and complexity (including hints of gin and tonic with Hendrick's). Don’t expect the sweetness and fruity aromas of a Riesling from Mosel; this one has more an Alsatian tilt. Actually apologies for the blasphemy, but it almost remembers a prestigious Chablis. The nectar is already very good, but it will be amazing in few years time if left aging in the cellar.

Final vote: 92

Price: c£36 in Whole Foods

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