Cottanera - Diciassettesalme 2017

Updated: Jan 20


Diciassettesalme 2017

Sicily, Italy

I fell in love in Etna Rosso during a blind tasting at WSET course. After pouring the glass, I was bewitched by its colour and fabulous aromas. I bet it was a Barolo and I genuinely enjoyed it. Since then, I have always rummaged the shelves to find a bottle of this Sicilian jewel. So I was quite happy when I saw this Cottanera’s creation in my local supermarket. Unfortunately once tasted, the enthusiasm faded and my high expectations were disappointed. The wine is nice, but it hasn’t got that level of complexity that we generally expected by a more than £20 wine. Moreover the alcohol is overwhelming.


The intensity is medium with ruby tints. It is clear with no traces of deposits.


The aromas are quite intense at the nose (medium plus). The sour red cherry red currant and white pepper notes come out with all their own elegance. About secondary aromas, I can smell a bit of smoke, charred wood and cedar. On the tertiary, we have noble leather and the richness of the dry cranberry. This wine has a really nice nose.


In the mouth, the wine is dry with a high level of acidity, as you expected by Etna Rosso. The tannins are medium plus and they leave a good lovely on the palate. But now we have the knotty point: the alcohol (i.e. 14%) burns and it keeps burning also if you drink the day after uncorking it. It’s a shame! On the palate, we still find all the aromas picked with the nose, but we discover a hint of liquorice, the black pepper and a more intense charred wood.


I would like to say that I am happy with this wine, but actually I am not. The alcohol is too arrogant. So there is a lack of balance in this nectar. The wine is still developing, so probably I would suggest to keep your bottle away from your covetousness and uncork in a couple of years or even more. The tannins and the high acidity should support the ageing process, so maybe with the time going, you will have a pearl in your cellar…. Hoping that the scorching alcohol will disappear. This is not a definitive failure; the wine has just to repeat the exam!

Final vote: 86

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