Coppi - Corè 2019


Corè 2019

Puglia, Italia

This wine is a 100% Negroamaro from vineyards planted in 1995 in Brindisi area. The grapes are hand harvested in the second half of September. Fermentation takes place at controlled temperature using selected yeast. The divine juice ages for 3 months in the bottle before the market release. Salute!


The wine has a beautiful coral color. The intensity is medium to pale.


The aroma intensity is medium. We find scent of rose and hints of ripe red wild fruits, lemon peel and white pepper.


In the mouth, the wine is dry with medium level of acidity and low tannins. The alcohol is medium (i.e. 12 %). On the palate, we still have hints of red fruits and spices. Both intensity and lasting are medium.


This Negroamaro Rosato is a quite simple rosé wine characterized by hints of wild red fruits, lemon peel and white pepper. It is ok to refresh our throat, but we will hardly exclaim “mamma mia, che buono!”.

Final vote: 85


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