Château Jolyes - Jurançon Sec 2017

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Château Jolyes

Jurançon Sec 2017

Jurançon, France

This blog brings to me taste bottles that I wouldn’t have bought even under tortures. And this wine might been one of them. It is cheap, it looks cheaper and it comes from a region fully unknown for at least 99% of world population (I may have made up this statistic). But I bought it and tasted it. This nectar comes from Jurançon, right in the foothill of the beautiful Pyrenees. It is a blend of 60% Petit Manseng and 40% Gros Manseng. Santé!


In the glass the wine has a gold colour. The intensity is medium. It is clear with no traces of deposits.


The aromas intensity is medium plus. Actually the nose is really beautiful and opulent. It is a triumph of honeysuckle, acacia, mature pear, grape, apricot and nectarine. It is also a hint of tropical fruits as melon and pineapple. Quite elegant the sharp fragrance of wet stones and flint. As tertiaries, quite clear perfumes of marmalade, honey, hay and a bit of ginger. As you can read on the producer’s internet site, the malolactic fermentation is not done.


In the mouth, the wine is dry with a high level of acidity. The alcohol is medium (i.e. 13.5%). Both flavour intensity and finish are medium minus. To be honest with you, after enjoying that nice nose, the palate has disappointed me. The flavours are too mild.


Not really impressed by this wine. Actually I am not going to buy it again. Promising nose, but anonymous palate.

Final vote: 84

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