Cave de Lugny - Cremant De Bourgogne, Blanc de Blancs

Updated: Feb 17

Cave de Lugny

Cremant De Bourgogne, Blanc de Blancs

Mâconnais, France

Wine making techniques

The term Cremant refers to a number of French sparkling wine. They are made by the tradition method, as the Champagne. By law, Cremant wine has to stay at least nine month on the lees, the Champagne at least twelve. This nectar is a 100% Chardonnay. Santé!


The wine has a yellow-gold colour. The intensity is pale. The bubbles look to be a bit chubby and not really persistent. The intensity at the nose is medium, with a light fragrance of acacia, hint of nectarine, and even a touch of melon and pineapple. I admit that the expectation were exponential increasing after the first sniff. Another dive into the glass, and the nostrils capture refreshing note of lemon zest, black pepper and wet stone. As secondaries, we have a hint of cream, bread and brioche. Time to have a sip now. The wine is dry, with a high level of acidity. As expected the bubbles are a bit rude. The flavour intensity is medium plus, but the problem is that I don’t recognize any aroma in particular except a sharp minerality. At a second or perhaps third sip, I can taste a hint of melon and something remembering a tropical fruit.


I am not really impressed with this wine. In the same price range, you can find something better in Australia or Spain. The nose deluded me, but at the palate the sad truth comes out. I am not saying that it is awful, but just boring. I would prefer to risk buying something else.

Final vote: 85

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