Cascina Longoria - Barbaresco Bordini 2016 DOCG

Cascina Longoria – Fratelli Toso

Barbaresco Bordini 2016 DOCG

Nieve, Piemonte, Italy

I love receiving gifts, especially if it is a beautiful bottle of Barbaresco. This wine is a 100% Nebbiolo. The grapes are manually harvested in October, and then they are left macerated for about 15 days in stainless steel vessels. After this initial step, the divine nectar is ready for aging. The long rest takes place in 2500 litres Slavonia oak casks for 24/26 months. Before being bottled, the wine naps other three months in steel for the last refining. Salute!


In the glass the wine has a charming garnet colour. The intensity is pale.


The aroma intensity is medium plus. After swirling the glass a couple of times, the nostrils are inebriated by an explosion of fresh wild red fruits and an elegant violet. Refreshing notes of eucalyptus, liquorice and black pepper make the aromatic palette even more vibrant. The nectar has aged for several months in oak, which donates hints of vanilla and cloves counterbalanced by more virile notes of toast, charred woods and smoke. Classic fragrances of cedar, remembering a cigar humidor, give further elegance. As tertiary aroma, there is rich dried cranberry, succulent meaty, game and fine leather.


In the mouth, the wine is dry with a high level of acidity. The tannins give a sensational astringent sensation albeit they are not rude at all. The alcohol is high (15%) hugging us with a pleasant warm wave. The flavour intensity is high, with notes of preserved red fruits, a ripe strawberry and red cherry. The vanilla, sniffed earlier, becomes richer, offsetting a lovely hint of coffee and dark chocolate. At the second glass, even the tertiaries are more defined, revealing also notes of farmyard and earth.


The wine is well made. It is balanced and has good flavour intensity and long lasting. Despite the young age, it is already quite “wise”. But given its tannins and alcohol, I am sure it can be exceptional in few years time. This nectar is good to drink by its own, if you are well trained; otherwise it is pure joy sipped with a rare dry-aged steak or matured cheese. I like its noble aromatic palette and the sensation left on the palate. A great Barbaresco!

Final vote: 93

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