Cantine Due Palme - Due Malvasia Bianca 2018

Cantine Due Palme

Due Malvasia Bianca 2018

Puglia, Italia

This nectar is a 100% Malvasia Bianca. The grapes are hand-harvested and cryomacerated at 4°C for 48 hours. After the fermentation, the divine juice ages for 3 months in French oak barrique and refines in the bottle before the market release. Salute!


The wine has a lemon yellow color with green shades. The intensity is pale.


The aroma intensity is medium plus. Even without swirling, warm hints of melon, pear, and ripe pineapple come out. A vibrant note of lime zest, a mineral wet stone and a scent of honeysuckle enrich the spectrum of primary aromas. The secondaries include a touch of vanilla, light custard and biscuits.


In the mouth, the wine is dry with medium high level of acidity. The alcohol is medium, i.e. 13%. On the palate, the flavor intensity is medium plus. A lot of tropical fruits as melon and pineapple, but also pear and nectarine. A nice mineral sensation is given by a note of flint. The lasting is medium long.


I am a little bit torn on this nectar. It is characterized by a rich aromatic bouquet with a lot of tropical and stone fruits. Its intensity indulge all our senses; but the magic disappears once paired with the food. It is a shame, because the wine is really enjoyable when drunk alone, but rather anonymous otherwise. The bottle shape and the labelling can be improved. They “stink” of poverty.

Final vote: 87

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