Cantina del Nebbiolo - Barbaresco Meruzzano 2013 DOCG

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Cantina del Nebbiolo

Barbaresco Meruzzano 2013 DOCG

Piedmont, Italy

This nectar is a 100% Nebbiolo (sorry, but somebody may not know this fact), a black grape with high level of tannins and acidity, but little colour. By law, Barbaresco DOCG must be aged for two years before release, with nine months in oak. This specific nectar comes from a south-facing vineyard in Meruzzano area, located at 320m asl. After the harvest, the grapes undergo a long maceration on the skins, and then the divine juice age in oak casks. Salute!


In the glass the wine has a garnet colour. The intensity is pale. It is clear with no traces of deposits.


The aromas intensity is medium plus. You cannot stop yourself to put your nostrils in the glass. This wine perfume is pure elegance. There is a hint of rose, a refine concentration of wild red fruits, and vibrant notes of pepper. The oak ageing donates scents of cedar, toast and charred wood. Dry cranberry, leather and tobacco are the clearest tertiaries.


In the mouth, the wine is dry with a high level of acidity and high tannins. The alcohol is high (i.e. 14%). On the palate, the red fruits are more intense; the charred wood and toast notes are more incisive. The astringent sensation is sensational; the mouth is left clean and ready to receive another titbit. The flavour intensity is medium plus and the finish is long.


The wine is well made. It is balanced and has a good flavour intensity and lasting. To be fussy, it lacks a bit of complexity. A rear steak or a beef tartare is its natural companion, but it works amazingly well with stinky cheeses. To conclude, it is not a monumental example of Barbaresco; but for the price, it is a fair option.

Final vote: 89

Price: £24 in Waitrose

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