Candido - Duca D'Aragona 2015


Duca D'Aragona 2015

Puglia, Italia

This nectar is a blend of 80% Negroamaro and 20% Montepulciano. The must is macerated in contact with the skins for a protracted period of time. Fermentation is then triggered with cultured yeast at a controlled temperature. Next, the divine juice matures in barrique. Salute!


The wine has a very elegant ruby color. The intensity is medium to deep.


The aroma intensity is medium plus. Scent of rose, and hints of sour cherry, black cherry, bramble, fig and black pepper tease our nostrils. The secondary aromas include vanilla, cedar, toast and charred wood. The tertiaries reveals light notes of farmyard, fine leather, earth, meat, dry flowers and tobacco.


In the mouth, the wine is dry with high level of acidity. The alcohol is high (i.e. 14.5 %) and it gives a nice heatwave. The tannins are medium plus. On the palate, the wine is concentration of ripe red and black fruits, spices, but also toast and charred wood. The tertiaries aromas are more evident. We taste farmyard, earth, Kentucky tobacco and meat. The intensity is pronounced and the lasting long.


A noble and powerful wine from southern Italy. The aromatic bouquet reveals marked hints of ripe red and black fruits, perfectly combined with sharp notes of spices and charred wood. The scents of roses and dry flower soften the spartan notes of Kentucky tobacco, earth, meat and farmyard. I love it to wash down a fillet tartare but also as psychologist after dinner.

Final vote: 94

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