Borgogno - Barolo Riserva 2003 DOCG

Updated: Apr 15


Barolo Riserva 2003 DOCG

Piemonte, Italy

A Barolo is always the right choice to celebrate a Sunday lunch. This nectaris 100% Nebbiolo from south and south-east facing vineyards located in Liste, Cannubi, Cannubi San Lorenzo,Fossati, and San Pietro delle Viole. The harvest took place in the last 10 days of September after a summer characterized by high temperatures. The grapes underwent a regular fermentation and submerged cap maceration. The racking off happened at the beginning of November. Then the divine juice aged for seven months in stainless steel tanks, and three years and a half in big Slavonian oak barrels. The wine was bottled in March 2008 Salute!


In the glass the wine has a garnet colour with some orange tints. The intensity is medium to pale. Bare in mind to decant the wine and be careful towards the end of the bottle, there are sediments settled in the bottom.


The aromas intensity is medium. There is a light fragrance of red fruits, a hint of black pepper and a note of preserved fruits in alcohol. As secondary aroma, we have vanilla, a subtle clove, coffee, dark chocolate, smoke and toast. Despite its age, the tertiaries are quite delicate. There is feeble perfume of dried flowers, meaty and game. Honestly, I was expecting something more!


In the mouth, the wine is dry with a high level of acidity. The tannins are high and they give an amazing astringent sensation. There is a triumph of tertiary aromas, especially leather, earth, mushroom, game, virile notes of Kentucky tobacco, meaty and a light farmyard. As primaries, we a have nice liquorice, pepper, kirsch and preserved fruits. The tannins are superb. The intensity is pronounced and the lasting very long. Sublime!


Even though this nectar is a bit disappointing at the nose, on the palate, it is a little masterpiece! Due to its age, do not expect vibrant and lively flavours. The nose is actually quite austere, but already after the first sip, you figure out how beautiful is going to be your day!

Final vote: 94

Price: £57.99 at Whole Foods

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