Bollinger - Special Cuvée

Updated: Jan 6


Special Cuvée

Aÿ, France


I am going to be fully transparent with you: this is my favourite champagne among the sans année or non-vintage ones (for those of you having the certificate of birth as the highest level of education at the top of the cv).

I have always a bottle of Bollinger (likely magnum) and a piece of Capocollo di Martina Franca in my fridge. This combo has characterized some of the funniest and most enjoyable moments of my life. Well probably I have been a bit too dramatic now!

Wine making techniques

This gold nectar is spectacularly well made. It is a blend of Pinot Noir (60%), 25% Chardonnay (25%) and Munier (15%). Over 85% of the grapes are Grands and Premier Crus. 55% of the blend is made by vins de reserve, of which at least 10% up to 15 years old and stored in magnum size bottles. It undergoes the malolactic fermentation. According to the maison, the nectar aged in cellar for more than twice the time required by the appellation. By law, non-vintage wines must be aged for a minimum of 15 months, including at least 12 months on the lees. Santé!


Just pouring the glass is enough to make you happy. The colour is so beautiful, the perlage so elegant. Closing the nostrils to glass, you will be enchanted by the richness and opulence of the aromatic palette. There are fragrances of fresh citrus and blossoms, but also a hint of stone fruits. The sharp perfume of wet stones and flint counterbalances the fattiness of the hazelnut, the buttery sensation given by the malolactic fermentation and the fragrance of the brioche developed thank to the ageing on less (sur lies). In the mouth the wine becomes magic, pure perfection.


It donates all her graces immediately. So it is perfect for a civilized meal or just for toasting with your dearest friends. Once I did the beast, and I drank it while I was eating an artisanal Panettone. The poor inside each of us sometimes comes out showing off it with such combo! Well surprisingly I did not feel that metallic sensation on the tongue, that we you generally have when we drink dry sparkling wines with sweet stuffs. I do love it by its own, or even better with a ciabatta stuffed with mortadella, provolone and chopped capers. Try it and than start invoking my beatification!

Final vote: 93

Price: £34.9 at Hedonism Wine

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