Bisson - Abissi 2016 Portofino DOC


Abissi 2016

Liguria, Italy


This nectar is an interesting newness in the world of Italian sparkling wines given the extravagance of its ageing process, that takes place in one of the most iconic corner of the Bel Paese: Portofino.

Wine making techniques

This 2016 is a blend of 80% Bianchetta and 20% Vermentino grapes. The winemaking process is the Classic one, that is the same used in Champagne. The only difference is that this nectar ages not in the cellars, but at 60 metres below the sea level at a constant temperature of 15°C for 18 months. The bottles are then resurfaced and partially subjected to disgorgement. It is a zero dosage. Salute!


In the glass, this wine is incredible elegant. It has a beautiful medium to pale gold colour. The bubbles are extremely thin and very persistent. At the nose, the aromatic intensity is medium, with light mineral notes and citrus fragrance. On the palate, it is dry, with a high level of acidity. The minerality becomes sharper. To be honest, I cannot taste the salty and musky notes pointed out in many other reviews.


It is a pleasant wine, perfect for aperitif or to wash out a byzantine plateau du mer. Not sure it is worth its price. It is expansive as much as a renowned champagne and even more than some vintage Italian sparkling wines. Its aromatic bouquet lacks of complexity. The packaging is awful. Nice the idea to keep the marine sediments on the bottle, but the plastic cover destroys the sentimentalism. I think it would be better to find another solution to stress out the relationship of this nectar with the sea.

Final Vote: 89

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