Attanasio - Primitivo Rosato 2018


Primitivo Rosato 2018

Puglia, Italy

After many disappointments with rosato wines from Puglia, I gave up on them opting for the French rosé. Then last year I went to visit this winery in the heart of Manduria to buy its paramount Primitivo Riserva, and I tried the Primitivo Rosato as well. Such beautiful surprise! This is a 100% Primitivo from 40 years old vineyards. After the harvest, the grapes undergo a pre-fermentation maceration for 10 hours in order to extract all the aromas. Then the wine fermented in steel stainless vats for around 20 days and then aged in steel for 7 months. Salute!


In the glass the wine has a rose colour. The intensity is medium.


The aromas intensity is medium plus. It is an explosion of ripe berries, pear drop, and orange peel. The floral fragrances of rose, geranium and violet make this wine even more elegant.


In the mouth, the wine is dry with a high level of acidity and medium minus tannins. The alcohol is high (i.e. 15%), but it does not burn at all, so be careful… the wine is so good, that you may finish without realizing it. The flavour intensity is pronounced and finish are medium plus. On the palate, the red fruits are riper and richer. There are also balsamic and herbaceous notes, with a hint of savouriness.


Slightly chilled, this nectar is an excellent companion for your opulent plateau du mer, or for a more humble chickpeas soup. Despite the 15% alcohol, it is easy to drink; so it is perfect also for aperitivo with some nibbles. Obviously it is not a complex wine, without a charming aromatic palette, but it is really good… it is the Puglia during the summer season in your glass! Probably the only rosé that I am eager to uncork.

Final vote: 92

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