Alpha Estate - Xinomavro Reserve 2015

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Alpha Estate

Xinomavro Reserve 2015


Greece, the cradle of the Western civilization, has still a lot to say even when we talk about wines. And this Xinomavro Reserve 2015 is the proof! Before starting, I would like to dedicate a couple of words about the bottle. It is magnificent. It shows all the information that a customer wants to know, as for example the terroir and the ageing process. The only problem is that it doesn’t fit in most of the classical wine racks. The grape is the Xinomavro, a variety quite often compared to the Nebbiolo. As the Italian cousin, it can age really well achieving a notable complexity. This specific wine is aged 24 month in Allier-Bertrange French oak casks and 12 months in the bottle…. So really high expectations! Yiamas!


The wine tends to the ruby, even if there is a trace of garnet along the ring. The intensity is medium. It is clear with no traces of deposits, even if it is an unfiltered wine.


I can smell juicy red fruits, especially cherry and red currents. There is also the richness of preserved fruits and the prune. About the secondary aromas, I find just the cedar. On the tertiary, I can smell a succulent cooked red plum, a hint of leather and meaty aromas. The wine is still developing.


In the mouth, the wine is dry with a high level of acidity. The tannins are there, but are quite rounded leaving a good sensation on the palate. The alcohol is medium (i.e. 13.5%). I would categorize the wine as medium plus body with medium plus flavour intensity and a medium plus finish.

On the palate we find all the aromas already evident to the nose, with a prevalence of the

cooked fruits.


It is a good wine, well balanced, with a nice intensity and lasting on the palate. As said, the wine is still developing, so probably it is worth to keep a couple of bottles ageing for the next 24-36 months to see if we achieve more complexity. I think this wine gives its best with some lamb or nice aged cheeses. But it is also excellent the day after to “moisturize” a sandwich with avocado and mackerel.

Open an hour before or use a decanter. 40 minutes after the first taste, the wine is smoother and fragrant! I really like it!

Final vote: 90

Price: £22.99 at Whole Foods

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